Piper Brett with thanks to David Clayton of Breadboard for fabrication assistance. Piper’s Space Saver was fabricated at NextFab Studio.
The Expandable/ Collapsible Space Saver
Fitzgerald St, between 12th and 13th/ Wolf and Ritner

Thomas Buildmore
Today was pretty awesome
E Girard, between Frankford and Day St

Michael Konrad
Camo Cones (Hiding in Plain Site)
N 25th St, near Poplar St

Chris Landau
10th and Moore

Jebney Lewis and Maria Möller
Where you are, where I am, where we’d like to be
Frankford Ave, between E Thompson St and W Master St

Isaac Tin Wei Lin
Leopard Cage
1200 Block of Leopard St, between Girard and Thompson St

Christopher P. McManus
Jordan V
Catharine St, between 22nd and 23rd

Benjamin Monette
West Mt Airy Ave, between Germantown and Bryan

Brent Wahl and Oscar Wahl

Pine St, between 20th and 21th

Linda Yun
Move Along/ Please Stay
13th St, between Wolf and Ritner